Digi Connex


Digi Connex delivers cost effective Tier 1 Network Solutions to the SMB Marketplace.

Digi Connex provides a complete spectrum of fully integrated, fully managed network solutions to SMB clients.

We are a national leader in deploying secure diverse carrier-based Private Wide Area Networks into a single seamless service suite.

Digi Connex is a simple and affordable way to take your data connectivity to the next level. It can provide a fully redundant service with complete failover service to ensure your business can continue, when you need it most.

Why depend on just one service provider, and pay high monthly fees for a single link that isn’t managed and lacks rich features such as Quality of Service that is so critical in today’s competitive landscape?

With Digi Connex, you can have any or all of the following technologies, when your business needs it the most:

  • Private Wide Area Networking
  • Managed Carrier Solutions
  • VoIP Enabled Networks with FULL QoS
  • Diverse Internet Data Services

Digi Connex service is available ACROSS CANADA, across various mediums such as DSL, SDSL, T1, T3, OC3, ISDN. 3G Wireless, Point-to-Point Microwave, and even private Fiber Optic Lines.

Contact your Digica representative today to learn more about how simple it can really be to have a reliable data connection.

Because anything less in today’s world, is a competitive disadvantage.