Digi Proactive Remote Management and Monitoring


The Problems

Managing IT in a reactive manner can lead to problems, and it’s usually due to one of two things. The first is visibility. Keeping on top of your IT assets requires insight into the day-to-day events occurring on a network, and when small problems or errors go unattended, they can grow into potential outages. In the past, unless an organization had thousands of employees, monitoring and management tools have been too expensive and complex. The other big problem concerns manpower. Many organizations are just too small to have their own dedicated IT support staff, and may make IT decisions without an effective strategy or plan. This can lead to higher costs, short-term band-aid solutions, and a reactive process. Even dedicated IT staff in larger organizations are often generalists with limited specialized knowledge and experience. As a result, these employees make decisions based on what they know, and sometimes these decisions have huge consequences. As for organizations with two or more IT specialists on hand, technology headaches may still creep up when problems fall outside of their skill set. Along with that are people going on vacation, absenteeism due to sickness, and staff turnover. The result? Lots of organizations – big and small – are left in the lurch when it comes to IT management.

The Solution

Digi Proactive fills in these gaps. It provides a simple and effective remote management and monitoring suite, combined with the knowledge and experience of our team to augment your IT staff. This puts an end to seat-of-the-pants decision-making in your IT environment and lets you take advantage of industry best practices. Digi Proactive provides a single support solution for a wide variety of technologies, including desktop, laptop and server support. Specialized services include e-mail, database, storage, security and network administration.

Each customer has a customized support plan to provide the insight into their operations. This allows them to migrate from a firefighting mentality to a proactive model where IT really delivers on the promise of its value to the company. For organizations with sufficient internal resources, we offer plans that include remote management and monitoring service that allow the customer’s team to undertake the transition themselves. But should the need arise, these plans still include priority access to our highly skilled team of technicians.

The Digi Proactive service provides two different levels of response – 24/7 support or regular business hours. Either way, the network is always monitored, and the customer is secure knowing that our engineers possess specialized knowledge that meet all their IT demands head-on. A big advantage is that the customer knows exactly what they’ll be spending on IT maintenance for the next three years, and that means no surprises with the bottom line.


  • 24/7 insight into the health and well being of every device on the network
  • Comprehensive patch-management solution
  • Addresses IT issues before they become a problem, saving time and money
  • A customized IT strategy to support the current and future needs of the organization
  • Annual staff training sessions
  • Upgrade to the DigiCare Appliance so you get a dedicated server installed onsite to handle network monitoring.

For the CFO, Digi Proactive offers cost control and containment with the IT budget through proactive management of your IT strategy.

For the CEO, Digi Proactive offers a simple, efficient, cost-effective method of eliminating the technical roadblocks on your path to success.

Contact your local Digica account manager today to learn more about how Digi Proactive help your business.