Digi Vault

Does your company still trust the backup of your most vital resource – data – to a fragmented and often ineffective policy of distributed tape devices, manual routines, and manual offsite tape storage? Or have you tried to use some “unlimited” consumer-based online backup solution, only to find that you can not get your data back for a week (or never!) when the time comes that you need it?


Digi Vault is the reliable choice for many small and medium businesses to provide a business-class online backup service that addresses the drawbacks of the fragmented tape-based approach to backup with a unique service offering that is built specifically to handle the urgency of your business:

  • Fully automated process with backups held on disk for rapid file restoration.
  • Secure online transfer of fully encrypted data to an offsite data center, ensuring regular backups are stored safely and remotely.
  • Sound basis for business continuity planning – whatever happens, your data is safe.
  • Cost-effective solution with an all-inclusive monthly service charge.
  • Immediate access to restore data when you need it most

Contact your local Digica account manager today to learn more about how Digi Vault can provide the ultimate backup solution you have been looking for.