Optimized Solutions

Most IT environments develop over the course of time and very few companies have the luxury of designing their solution from the ground up, especially in an environment of changing needs and constant growth. The end result is typically a number of inefficiencies, waste, unnecessary complexity, difficult management, and worst of all reduced reliability.

Digica’s optimization solutions are designed to help your organization increase the business value of your IT infrastructure investments by tackling these challenges. Through end-to-end optimization Digica is able to help your organization reduce network complexity, simplify management, improve resource utilization, and improve overall system reliability.

Our holistic approach examines your network in entirety and how the various components interact with each other to create a full picture of your operating environment. This lets us see exactly what impacts physical and virtual server sprawl has on your network in addition to diving into individual unit resource levels to find potential under, or over, utilization.

With this analysis in hand we can then rebuild, and refine, your network to produce a more robust infrastructure. It allows our clients to make informed decisions and develop IT strategies that meet specific business goals. As a result your can expect significant reduction in your operating costs, risks, and the complexity of your IT infrastructure. In addition you can also expect improved application availability, additional recovery capabilities, and the capabilities to more effectively manage your internal SLAs.

In addition to these core capabilities Digica focuses on providing you with solutions that can be used to improve business agility, storage management, virtualization performance, and other strategic IT initiatives to ensure that you are able to get the most from your IT investment. With Digica’s certified experts, today’s leading products, best practices, and performing a comprehensive analysis of your infrastructure we are able to deliver on our promise of optimized technology solutions.