Business Continuity

To Digica, Business Continuity Strategies are more than a detailed document that outlines configurations and responsibilities. It is also a not limited to back up procedures. In today’s economy, Business Continuity must involve a certain degree of Cloud technologies, up to and including off-site procedures, automated technology escalations, and N to the power of cloud layers of redundancy.

It has taken Digica years to develop proper Business Continuity Strategies for our customers, and today, we focus on four main components to ensure peace of mind when your company will need it most:

  1. Environment / Infrastructure: Physical Layer of proper Business Continuity strategies.
  2. Processes / Procedures: Efficiency of Execution, when it counts the most.
  3. Documentation / Planning: Clear, Concise and Transparent documentation.
  4. Accountability / In-Out-Source: Who is responsible for what, and when.

In essence, to have great technology does not make an organization impervious to continuity risk, and to have a great plan with no execution is even worse. A fundamental aspect of an operational Business Continuity plan is the technology layer.

Digica’s proven methodologies will walk your organization through the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of proper Business Continuity planning.