Business Network Security

As the leading provider of secure access and solutions in hosted network security, Digica marries the very best in VPN and security technology with unrivalled deployment, design, management, monitoring, reporting and support functions. We streamline the financial burden and complication associated with securely connecting geographically separated business and employees by acting as a single source provider of revolutionary managed network security solutions.

With new Internet threats being unleashed every hour, network security has become progressively more complex.

From viruses and malware to worms and service attacks, illegal security threats are a constant danger to an organization’s network infrastructure, data, time, and productivity and capital funds. The determined nature of such intrusions is a regular risk to company hardware, data and business-critical applications. As these threats begin to mature and become much more sophisticated and multifarious, all the while not being combated by suitable network security solutions, they undoubtedly become serious operations challenges. Realizing effectual network security requires utilizing a solution that is customized to meet your current business needs while still remaining flexible enough to advance and adapt to more complex security threats as they present themselves.

Digica knows the weight that businesses place on their electronic communication services, data transfers, and cloud-computer and web-based applications. These technologies are extremely valuable for improving employee productivity and increasing customer satisfaction levels. Technology is an amazing tool for employees, customers and vendors. However, the same technology in the event of an online attack or intrusion can be detrimental for any business. Regrettably, many businesses fail to realize the importance of maintaining strong network security until something disastrous happens.

Digica’s robust line up of network security solutions remove security weak spots, impose Internet Acceptable Use policies, champion regulatory compliance and streamline your overall ownership expenses without imposing a negative impact on your business network, bandwidth and capital resources. Digica is committed to providing your organization with an effective security solution that:

  • Creates a strong foundation for e-commerce
  • Ensures that your organization follows industry and government regulations
  • Allows your employees easy and safe access to the tools and applications that they need to do their jobs, regardless of where they are working
  • Allows your to effortlessly and securely grow your network as your business needs increase