Cloud Computing

Harness the benefits of Cloud that drive business innovation.

IT Organizations are faced with never before seen challenges. Internal business clients have increased their demand for the speedy delivery of ground-breaking services to respond to external threats. Constrained by personnel and budget limitations, IT struggles to keep pace, often over-exhausting their available resources by trying to respond to continually shifting business demands.

In this stressed environment, the available options are few and far between: hinder the advent of the innovation that drives the business or permit business users to procure services without the inclusion of the IT services needed to ensure network reliability, security and compliance with regulations and standards.

The Cloud-Computing Pledge

At the core of the many challenges faced by IT is the recurrent cycle resulting in the majority of budgets being eaten up by the cost of maintaining existing infrastructure, leaving little for reinvestment in business growth and succession. This is why a growing number of IT organizations harness the benefits of the cloud to break this cycle and located found funds to drive business innovation.

The Elements of Cloud Success

Those businesses most effectively adopting the capabilities of cloud computing have altered to vital avenues of IT: the technology needed to construct a cloud infrastructure and the core operating model needed to gain the most significant benefits at the base of this revolutionary technology. These organizations have learned to embrace the cloud as an interconnected initiative, researching how to effectively construct and manage or rent their cloud-based environments, while implementing metrics to measure the efficiency, agility and reliability of cloud computing.

Enterprise Computing

Providing a heterogeneous environment regardless of platform or technology, our vision addresses the complete infrastructure life cycle from planning services to technology procurement to implementation and management. Digica offers a multi vendor best of breed solution to solve IT needs in the areas of; Access to corporate data, Security of password, Electronic mail systems, Asset control, Data base management, Intranet and more. Understanding the complexity of the every changing technology market is one of our key strengths in time where ‘speeds and feeds’ change year over year.

Integrating these components in one overall service has been the key to our success in our meeting customers/partner challenges.

Digica has facilitated several Enterprise Computing solutions over the past decades, which have included:

  • Multi processor/core applications
  • Complete Scalability
  • High Availability and Redundancy
  • Minimal footprint
  • Efficient power and cooling designs
  • Physical to Virtual (P2V) migration paths
  • Complete Fiber Infrastructure
  • Comprehensive remote management functionality
  • Emergency Notification services
  • Remote Assistance via Digi DAPS (Digi Proactive Support)
  • Blade, Rack, and High-Density Computing solutions
  • and more

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