Data Backup Services & Solutions

Each year businesses lose millions of dollars as a result of unrecoverable data loss. The need to for established best practices, such as hosted data backup solutions, in order to safeguard data and ensure that the business operations are never haulted because of data loss is more prevalent now more than ever.

In the wake of disaster, regardless of the cause, fewer than 50% of all small businesses are able to recover from data loss. For larger organizations, the loss of data affecting countless numbers of consumers and staff can be rectified. Overcoming these issues, however, often has a substantial impact on profitability and brand recognition.

Digica’s innovative Backup & Restore offers secure, streamline virtually-hosted data backup and restoration that fit every business continuity plan. Most importantly, Digica stores backed up data securely offsite using the latest in data encryption.


The Digica Backup & Restore secures data with industry-leading AES 256-bit encryption the entire time. Since this system does not rely on removable media, there is no risk of lost, stolen or accidently destroyed information.


The Digica system removes the burden of needing different vendors for things like software, tapes, media storage, data transportation and undetermined manpower hours. Additionally, there are no per-services fees to worry about.


Backup & Restore from Digica backs up and restores at LAN speeds by copying and compressing vital data, the backup storage footprint is reduced by almost 50 times more than when compared to traditional methods.

Offsite Replication

As part of an innovative business continuity plan, Digica Backup houses multiple copies of data files in a secure offsite location. This backed up data can be stored in private clouds through end-to-end replication of an entire business network.

Revision History

Returning to a previous configuration is easy. The Digica Backup solution monitors revision history so that system administrators can easily and accurately restore files and servers to previous states.

Automation Perfection

To facilitate even greater simplicity, the automated web notification system and user-friendly web portal make it easy for system administrators to be keep informed of backup information and important system status.

Disaster Recovery

When disaster strike, Digica Backup jumps into action – effectively restoring business crucial applications, servers and files almost instantly. The Digica Backup system is designed to ensure that servers are operational and vital files restored much faster than any historic server backup methods.