Data Storage Management

Digica’s Data Storage Management Solutions offer access to industry-leading storage capabilities.

Simply put, managed data storage refers to the process of offloading a business’s needs for data storage to a third-party solutions provider. Depending on the unique needs of the business, data can be stored onsite or off. In most situations businesses find managed data storage solutions much more cost effective, especially when compared to the large expense associated with purchasing and administrating their own onsite storage systems.

Since data storage is one of the most mission-critical elements of your operations, there is little surprise that you want to ensure that your data is available whenever you need it. Additionally, you need to be certain that as your business grows, that your data storage capacity follows suit. Digica’s managed storage solutions offer access to industry-leading storage capabilities. Your data is always available when you need it, and you can trust that our solutions are scalable enough to keep pace with your business growth plans.

Tell us Your Needs and We Will Deliver a Solution that Makes it Happen

What you need now and what you need years down the road are often very different. This is why we offer multiple, scalable storage solutions. This means that we have you covered now, we have you covered tomorrow, and we have you covered years from now. Regardless of how quickly you grow, Digica is committed to ensuring that you always have an award winning storage solution that meets your business needs, capacity and budget.

The Key Benefits of a Digica Managed Storage Solution

  • Increased reliability and security: dedicated storage configurations and solutions designed to enhance security and outlive the competition
  • Easy Integation: Each Digica managed service is designed to integrate easily with most business applications
  • Fully-Redundant Architecture: Complete with round-the-clock monitoring
  • Affordable, Flat Rate Pricing: Digica solutions are priced on storage size, performance level and key features.

Enterprise Storage

Protection and management of your data is critical part of any business. Digica offers design solutions for large-scale, high-technology environments. Understanding that storage is a dynamic part of any IT infrastructure, Digica specializes in online storage, backup protection, archiving, storage tiering and disaster recovery solutions that exceed any IT demand. A scalable solution that incorporates high availability, disaster recovery, data sharing and efficient reliable backup and restoration functions with centralized administration and remote support is the core of the Digica mindset that customers rely on.

To effectively manage your information is the Digica message, user demands on available space and performance affects every tool that your users use in your environment.