Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery means more than just backups.

Most businesses nowadays rely on IT for storing everything from documents and customer data to financial records and accounting information. Though no one wants to contemplate the possibility of a calamity, planning for the unexpected today is something that could save your business tomorrow.

Digica the leading provider of disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Our Business Continuity solutions are built upon tier one vendors, certified engineers, the experience and know how to protect your business today and save your business tomorrow.

Digica’s Trusted advisors will help you meet your specific data recovery objectives and utilize Disaster Recovery services to create the environment you need to continue mission-critical work in the event of a business interruption. Our experienced engineers can make recommendations about your network, system, and security infrastructure to help you stay one step ahead of a disaster.

Most enterprises can’t afford the cost of downtime although the indirect, longer term impacts of downtime lost market share, decreased productivity, noncompliance with regulations, reduced competitiveness, damaged brand reputation and eroded customer loyalty are harder to measure, they are equally important.

Digica’s solutions can help you create a strong business continuity and disaster recovery plans so you can be prepared for seamless, uninterrupted operation and avoid excessive downtime and reduced productivity.