Green IT

As everyone knows, technology has had a great impact on our planet. Technology has radically progressed over the past centuries, and until recently, it was done without great regard for the environment.

Until now.

Digica has aligned with several Tier 1 manufacturers to provide some of the greenest technology solutions available today. It is extremely challenging to reduce your information technology systems environmental impact, while adding to the bottom line.

Technology itself was the problem at one point in time, but now, Digica has partnered with organizations such as APC, Eaton, Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft and vmware to solve the problem that technology has created.

Through years of experience, Digica has a sound understanding of some of the most pressing issues, what current initiatives and standards are, how to minimize power and cooling requirements, and overall reduce an organization’s carbon footprint, all while maintaining budget and increasing business resilience.

No one ever said that going green would cost more. It just requires a smart way of looking at the problem, and an ability to do more with less.

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