Managed IT Services

Digica can help to pick up where you IT resources cap off with our robust portfolio of value-added hosted solutions; network performance, unified communications, hosting and security issues – we are always here when you need us.

Modern IT departments are overworked and underfunded. And the effects of being overburdened compound almost daily. Whether these challenges steam from the complexity of having to manage onsite applications and security with very limited resources or something more daunting, there is no shortage of IT burden. Perhaps it is time for a more affordable and less-resource consuming solution.

Ensuring that your business stays efficiently and securely connect, every place and every time that customers and employees need to communicate, not only adds strain to your budget, it also takes a toll on manpower planning and can even force other business-critical projects to exceed their desired deadlines. Your entire IT directive can be completely exhausted by the need to monitor networks, safeguard the system from downtime and provide personnel with continual access to the applications and tools they need to do their jobs effectively, despite you still needing to be concerned with spammers and other cyber evils.

Our purpose is simply to monitor the day-to-day challenges – overseeing maintenance and reporting issues, providing unlimited help desk services, seeing to it that you have all of the most recent upgrades and ensuring that any interruptions are responded to quickly and effectively. Regardless of the level of support your business needs, you can rest assured that you will always have the final say when it comes to key management decision and the direction of your IT strategy.

Focus your attention on the more critical aspects of running your business and trust Digica to manage your day-to-day IT management tasks.

Let Your People Focus their Time on Their Core Jobs

Something as intricate and complex as a complete communications infrastructure demands countless hours of continual monitoring, management and diagnostic health screening from your IT team –this time could be better spent driving profits and facilitating business growth.

Armed with Digica’s managed network services, your people will be free to focus their time more effectively and productively on the challenges that make a difference in the future of your business.

The same rings true for our Managed Hosting and Managed Security Solutions. Digica protects your business from security threats and ensures that your business operations continue should disaster strike.