Unified Communications

In today’s fast-paced business environment, people need to communicate with and collaborate with each other quickly and easily. Digica helps businesses increase their efficiency and productivity by fully leveraging their IT infrastructure so your organization can move with greater momentum and agility.

Unified Communications, if properly implemented and adopted, can have a profound impact on your organizations productivity. Your people, business partners, and customers can connect in real time and carry out business across multiple work spaces any time anywhere. At Digica we understand how to make your separate systems work together to optimize business process flow and maximize productivity.

Unified Communications has the power to change the way your organization conducts business; Just like the way it has changed the way Digica interacts with the world. We believe so seriously in this technology that we were an early adopter of Unified Communications and have now been reaping the rewards. Digica can bring e-mail, calendaring, voice mail, IM and presence, VoIP, audio, video, CRM and Web conferencing together to make your once separate IT systems to one business solution.

Digica has hands-on expertise and real life acumen in the Unified Communications (UC) space. We’ve partnered with the leading UC vendors and have tremendous expertise in data and voice networking.