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IT Management


Remote Monitoring and Management Services (RMM) provide Proactive IT Solutions that will ensure network optimization for your business, supporting both the staff and customers that rely on it every day.





Monitoring and Alerting

With powerful and insightful tools, the DigiCare Proactive Service Team will monitor the information technology devices that are on your domain and connected to the TCP/IP network. Immediate alerts are received as issues arise. All monitoring and alerting information is provided on detailed reports giving you clear insight on exactly what is going on in your network. Verification of Security Integrity and Backup Success provide you with essential peace of mind. Automatic resolution occurs on many of the alerts, which means most issues are resolved before you even know there is a problem.



Proactive Maintenance

Your systems are optimized through the automatic application of Windows Updates, Firmware Updates, Virus Definition Updates, and Application updates. Remote Patch Management and Scandisk are utilized to keep your systems running smoothly ensuring maximum uptime and overall productivity. Routine support tasks are executed during scheduled Maintenance Windows.


Network Administration

DigiCare Proactive Network Administration services are highly detailed, process driven and hands on. Your dedicated Network Administration Team will perform assessments on your environment at regularly scheduled intervals that meet your business needs. Utilizing industry Best Practices Standards along with your company’s business goals, these assessments will provide invaluable insights allowing you to make cost effective decisions.


Help Desk (End User Support and Issue Resolution)

All devices outlined on your DigiCare Proactive Quote include end user technical support. Day to day issues that may arise, such as connectivity or “how to” questions will be addressed by the Proactive Service Team ensuring your systems and employees are able to operate at peak efficiency. The Proactive Service Team will also serve as your liaison to all vendors for warranty service, replacement, support or configuration issues making our Help Desk your one stop shop for all support.


vCIO Services

Utilizing the well-documented information obtained through Network Administration services and our powerful DigiCare Reporting Tools, your dedicated vCIO will meet with you on a regularly scheduled basis to review business priorities and planned environment changes, giving you control over your technology roadmap. Your technology needs and business goals will become easy to define and execute.

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