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Looking to improve a Specific Feature in your IT environment?


Customer’s come to us with many different needs. Digica offers Solutions. Below you will find some of the common services currently being sought out by business’s just like yours. If you need more information, or have a unique circumstance you would like to discuss, we would be happy to have a conversation with you.


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Hyper Converged Infrastructure 

Take your infrastructure to a whole new world of easy and cost effectiveness with a Hyper-Converged Solution. Digica can bring your hardware-defined systems that are all connected to a total software-defined environment. Using the power of SCALE COMPUTING, our expertise will enable your team to manage your entire infrastructure on a highly available, scalable single platform.



Security has become paramount in our modern world. Let us help prevent your business from getting hijacked! Keep your network secure and your critical data safe with today’s latest security technologies, all implemented and managed by Digica.



Digica delivers cost effective Tier 1 Network Solutions to the SMB Marketplace with a complete spectrum of fully integrated, fully managed Network Solutions. Keep your clients happy and your business running with enterprise internet and network connections at a cost SMBs can afford.


Back Up/Data Security

Protect your data in a way that makes you feel safe. We offer a full range of managed local and cloud solutions that will provide you with the peace of mind and security you crave. We will meet your true RTO and RPO requirements.


Professional IT Services

Digica’s talented and experienced engineering team can assist you whether you are replacing just a few components or overhauling your entire IT infrastructure. Don’t take risks with your mission critical application migrations and implementations, leave it to the proven professionals.


Data Centre and Co-Location Services

Digica offers a high-performance data centre to support the unique requirements of your business. Reliable, redundant, secure and powerful.


VoIP & Voice

Bring your telephone capabilities into the 21st century with a truly unified system to address all your technology needs.

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